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Date Smart! by David Coleman
Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places? Here's How to End the Search! Are you stuck in a revolving door of bad dates? Or maybe you've given up on finding a meaningful relationship altogether. According to dating experts David Coleman and Richard Doyle, it doesn't have to be that way. You can have that happy, healthy relationship you've been looking for. With eye-opening exercises, quizzes, and other self-assessment tools, the authors show you how to pinpoint specific aspects of your personality that have caused you to pick poorly, remain in bad relationships, or sabotage good ones. Once you understand the reasons why you choose a certain type of person, you can focus on how to choose and attract the right person for you. Retail: $15.
Prescriptions for Life & Relationships CD by David Coleman
Join The Dating Doctor, David Coleman with special guest hosts WSNX's Steve and Sabrina as he examines today's most intriguing dating and relationship questions while providing prescriptions that jump start your heart, tickle your funny bone and get you on the road to a healthier more satisfying relationship. CD. Retail: $19.95
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Leadership's Greatest Hits by David Coleman
Each of the nine authors is accomplished in making an impact on the lives of people they come into contact with. Each has a unique and special story. Those stories create the tracks in the "Greatest Hits Collection." The tracks are enriched by the harmonies of effective leadership, skill development and interaction with others. Chapters include: Making Leadership Matter, The On Purpose Leader, The Motivational Leader and more. Paperback: 98 pages. Retail $15.00
Currently sold out, in re-print
Making Relationships Matter: 9 Ways to Stay in Love for Life by David Coleman
Thousands of men and women have benefited from David Coleman's sensitive, positive, and sometimes comical solutions to real relationship problems. Coleman's nine-step approach to lasting love puts into perspective what really matters in life. By sharing his own life defining moments, Coleman reveals how personal actions, choices and behaviors effect our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Each chapter outlines a different self-improvement theme including: Be respectful, be healthy, be mindful, be committed and more. Hardcover. Angel Bea Publishing. Retail: $19.95
Currently sold out, in re-print
Let Your Leadership Speak by David Coleman and Lenny Dave
To help expand your individual and organizational leadership potential, 12 nationally recognized speakers, trainers and educators have joined forces to create a powerful resource which brings together their collective wisdom. For many readers, the book will also no doubt serve as a springboard to personal motivation. The text is targeted to address diverse audiences ranging from corporate executives to college student leaders to anyone else genuinely interested in moving forward!
Currently sold out, in re-print
Why We Hover: In Defense of Helicopter Parents
We have been called "Helicopter Parents," "Blackhawk Parents," "Lawn Mower Parents," "Over-Involved Parents,"... our crime? We have involved ourselves in the collegiate lives of our children. Yes ... We care about our children and want colleges to care about them too! In "Why We Hover: Parenting At the Speed of Life," we seek to create an empowering partnership between students, parents, and the higher education community. It is all about trust. The name calling must end! Retail: $15.
Blueprint for Success
Do you want to: Unlock your potential, turn your life around, remove mental blocks to success, be the success you were meant to be ... If your answer is "yes" to any one of these, you need to read this book! Those who choose to travel the road of success must also travel the road of continuing education. Success is about being prepared. Every time you read a book that contains the experiences of successful people, you are advancing your own personal road to success whatever that word means to you. You owe it to yourself to learn what the successful people in this book know. There's no time like the present. A rewarding experience awaits you. Retail: $15.
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