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Take David's Relationship Quiz to see how Relationships Savvy you are!

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Welcome to the Dating Doctor's Test Center! If you would like to take a set of tests (1 hour of your time) that will provide you with a report on your relationship, call 800-926-2258 for a user ID and password. You can take both the Hilson Couples Compatibility Questionnaire (HCCQ) and the Hilson Partner's Personality Inventory (HPPI) for $50. Please have a credit card number ready when you call. **SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time, this includes a free option for test interpretation by phone with a psychologist after you have received your report.

For additional relationship advice, check out the newly-released video, Making Relationships Matter: Building Blocks for Better Relationships, David's book, Making Relationships Matter, the CD, Prescriptions for Life and Relationships or Date Smart!, another trend-setting release by David Coleman. All are available by visiting David's Online Store.

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